I painted my breakfast everyday starting January 01, 2012 and continued painting through June 30, 2012. That's 182 paintings spanning a 6 month period. Hence the title "6 MONTH BREAKFAST". That's a separate paintings-one every day. Whew!

The individual breakfast paintings are arranged on separate calendars representing January through June. Each calendar is 8 feet x 6 feet. When you display the 6 month period it takes up about 55 feet x 8 feet...leaving some breathing room. Each day is a separate 1 foot x 1 foot x 1" panel attached to its month. The breakfasts are painted in oil paint on gessoed plywood. I tried to limit my painting time to 90 minutes per breakfast, per day. This was a continuing adventure of breakfast food choices and the experience of eating and painting what you less a lesson in perseverance and cold breakfast. Thanks for looking...and oh…what's for breakfast this morning?

Contact me if you've run out of breakfast ideas

Simulated installation

ArtPrize installation simulated


Jan calendar
Jan 1: Fruit and toasted pound cake, butter Jan 2: Raisin Bran, coffee, orange Jan 3: Fried egg, bacon, oatmeal toast Jan 4: Not hungry. Jan 5: Rustic bread and a pear Jan 6: Leftover rice and spring onions Jan 7: Expresso
Jan 8: Rustic toast and Blackberry jam Jan 9: Big Strawberries Jan 10: Mickey D's bacon, egg, cheese, biscuit Jan 11: Earl Grey black tea Jan 12: Delicious apple Jan 13: Scrambled egg, oatmeal toast, butter, apple slices Jan 14: Fried egg, little smoked sausages, strawberry
Jan 15: Ruby grapefruit half Jan 16: Hostess tiny powered donut Jan 17: Toasted English muffin, butter, banana Jan 18: Cantaloupe, summer sausage, crackers Jan 19: Raspberry sweet roll Jan 20: Cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries Jan 21: Hardboiled egg, salt
Jan 22: Watermelon Jan 23: Toaster waffle, bacon Jan 24: Sharp cheddar cheese and saltines Jan 25: Toasted Sesame seed bagel, tomatoes, red onion, cream cheese Jan 26: Earl Grey black tea, in a dainty cup and vanilla wafers Jan 27: Naval orange, Ciabatta toast and butter Jan 28: Buttermilk biscuits, butter and blackberry jam
Jan 29: Cheerios, milk, and blueberries Jan 30: Sliced apple Jan 31: Egg and broccoli omelet with whole grain toast Close and go to February calendar Close and go to February calendar Close and go to February calendar Close and go to February calendar
Feb calendar
Blank Blank Blank Feb 1: Hostess chocolate cupcake Feb 2: Cheese toast and banana Feb 3: Sardines and saltines Feb 4: Kiwi and raspberries
Feb 5: Sourdough rustic bread, butter Feb 6: Leftover chicken wings Feb 7: Fried egg, leftover roasted potatoes Feb 8: Cheese spread on oatmeal toast Feb 9: Polish Paczki raspberry filled sweet roll, bacon, OJ Feb 10: Oatmeal and blueberries Feb 11: Ham sandwich, mustard, Romaine, oatmeal bread, olive, and banana...almost lunch
Feb 12: Rustic toast and butter Feb 13: Sweet peach and peanuts Feb 14: Valentine's day: Pancakes, syrup, and strawberries Feb 15: Chocolate donut Feb 16: Pineapple and bananas Feb 17: Scrambled egg, pork sausage, oatmeal toast, and butter Feb 18: Toaster waffle and syrup...all done
Feb 19: Corn muffin Feb 20: Hot tea, Turkish style and banana Feb 21: Raspberry Strudle Feb 22: Toad on a hole with cheese Feb 23: Tomato juice Feb 24: Watermelon and bacon Feb 25: Homemade sausage and cheese biscuit
Feb 26: Broccoli Quiche Feb 27: Blueberries Feb 28: Breakfast burrito and orange Feb 29: Cinnamon roll Blank Blank Blank
March calendar
Blank Blank Blank Blank  Milk and whole grain toast, butter Mar 2: Tangerine Sausage patty and fried egg
Mar 4: Orange juice, cream cheese, and crackers Mar 5: Cheerios and dried cherries Mar 6: French toast and bacon Mar 7: Milk and cookies Mar 8: Milk and cookies Mar 9: Kiwi Mar 10: White grapes and Gouda cheese
Mar 10: Donut with those sprinkley things on top Mar 12: Cheeze-it Mar 13: Scrambled egg and salsa Mar 14: Star fruit and raspberries Mar 15: Whole grain toast Mar 16: Rustic bread, white cheddar, salami Mar 17: Quaker fruit bar
Mar 18: Ciabatta and peanut butter Mar 19: Bosc pear Mar 20: Soft boiled egg and toast “soldiers” Mar 21: Pretzel bread and bacon Mar 22: Pound cake and raspberries Mar 23: Banana Mar 24: Leftover chicken leg and red grapes
Mar 25: Smithfield pork sausage and scrambled egg Mar 26: Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes) and apple sauce Mar 27: Cinnamon roll Mar 28: Cantaloupe Mar 29: Ciabatta toast and butter Mar 30: Fried egg and pork sausage Mar 31: Half apple
Apr 1: Bagel, tomato, onion, cream cheese Apr 2: Rigatoni and Parmasano riggiano, basil Apr 3: Pillsbury cinnamon roll Apr 4: Ham biscuit and tangerine Apr 5: Broccoli omelet and cherry tomatoes Apr 6: Cute cupcake Apr 7: Toasted English muffin and bacon
Apr 8: Easter hard boiled eggs Apr 9: Fresh fruit cocktail Apr 10: Fried egg and bacon Apr 11: Strawberry Jell-O Apr 12: I don't feel like breakfast. Apr 13: Two scoops Apr 14: Ugli fruit
Apr 15: Broiled cheese and bacon open face sand Apr 16: Salami omelet Apr 17: Left over rotisserie chix leg & fried polenta Apr 18: Hard boiled egg and banana half Apr 19: Saltines and peanut butter Apr 20: Watermelon slice Apr 21: Burned toast
Apr 22: Strawberry rhubarb pie Apr 23: German blueberry pancakes Apr 24: Corned beef and scrambled eggs, cucumbers Apr 25: Fancy donut Apr 26: Rye toast, butter & strawberry jam Apr 27: Leftovers, broiled tomato, potatoes & onions, chix breast Apr 28: Hashbrowns & bacon
Apr 29: Buttermilk biscuit & butter Apr 30: Hashbrowns & bacon Blank Blank Blank Blank Blank
April calendar
Blank Blank May 1:OJ & toasted cheese on roll May 2:Corn tortillas, cheese, tomato May 3: Blueberries in pastry shell, whipped cream May 4: Cold pizza May 5: Rustic toast & strawberry jam
May 6: Omelet %amp; patty sausage May 5: Leftover chix leg & apple May 8: Quiche & strawberries May 9: Fried egg & rustic toast May 10: Bacon & oatmeal toast May 11: Leftover steak & ketchup May 12: Pillsbury cinnamon roll
May 13:  Pancakes & salami May 14: Banana & cheese toast May 15: Breakfast burrito May 16: Toasted pound cake & blackberries May 17: Donut & Earl Grey May 18: Fried egg & bacon May 19: Left over fast food chix wing drumstick
May 20: Rustic toast & butter May 21: Scrambled eggs & fried salami May 22: Tamales & tomato May 23: One huge strawberry May 24: Saltines, cheddar cheese & apple May 25:English muffin, fried egg & cheddar cheese May 19: Romaine, tomatoes & blueberries
May 27: Cinnamon roll & bacon May 21: Fried potatoes & old apple May 29: Leftover BBQ ribs & toast May 30: Egg omelet May 31: Sausage & French toast Blank Blank
May calendar
Blank Blank Blank Blank Blank June 1: Michigan cherries June 2: Men's Prayer Breakfast: Sausage gravy biscuit, powered mini donut, pancake, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, potatoes peppers onions, whew!
June 3: Cat's banana nut & fruit bread with local raspberries June 4: Sausage, grilled toast & strawberry jam June 5: Cinnamon toast June 6: Old banana June 7: Melon & bacon June 8: Lastnight's lasagna June 9: Fried egg on toast
June 10: Cherry pie June 11: Cherrios and blueberries June 12: Toasted cheese & strawberry June 11: Yellow watermelon & raspberries June 14: Apple turnover June 15: Apple & pork sausages June 16: Scrambled eggs & rustic bread/butter
June 17: Nectarine & toast/butter June 18: Leftover Father's Day Cake June 19: Corned beef hash & fried egg June 18: Leftover rotisserie chicken leg June 21: Giant cinnamon roll June 18: Cheese omelet & toast June 23: Toast with peanut butter & bacon
June 24: Bagel & Kiwi June 25: Buttermilk biscuit & butter June 26: Toast, strawberry jam & hard salami June 27: Scrambled egg & ham June 28: Banana June 29: Fried egg, bacon, toast & butter June 30: Spam, Spam, Spam & cheese spread on toast
June calendar