Catherine DeJong Artman

I have written one book and Illustrated two. My first book "In a Chinese Garden" is the story of our family's experience adopting our daughter, Rose, in China. The second book "The Further Adventures of A Lucky Dog" was written by Dirk Wales and illustrated by myself and my husband, Townsend Artman. It is a historical fiction children’s book that relays the story of Owney, the U.S. Rail Mail Mascot Dog in the late 1800's. He was an actual living dog who traveled across the United States via the railroad like the prince of hobos. I created the line work while my husband colorized the line. Our book won the "Moms Choice Award", "The Moombeam Award" and has received many good reviews. Enjoy!

In A Chinese Garden book cover
In A Chinese Garden, Written & Illustrated by Catherine Dejong Artman birth mom garden night say goodbye baby in garden policeman orphanage attendants breakfast T. and Cat first picture leave for China Dr Chin hold our baby calm baby Hong Kong bay plane over ocean plane home flowers at home friends Artman garden picking tomatos love rose
Owney Cover

The Further Adventures of
Owney, U.S. Rail Mail Mascot

Written by Dirk Wales
Illustrations by Catherine DeJong Artman
and Townsend Artman
Winner of the Moonbeam
Children's Book Award 2009

Owney sniffs out the mail car door owney walks owney postcards owney jumps owney with mailman girl reading to Owney Owney runs for train Sarah writes letter Owney gets a letter Owney looks for the World's Fair 1893 World's Fair Poster White City 1893 World's Fair Edison at the Fair with Owney Ferris Wheel Gondola Owney stops in Cheyenne Hotel lobby Girl arrives at night Carrie and Owney fall asleep Walk to train Trainmen look for Owney Pullman car Kiss Owney jumps back on train Owney hangs out mail car door Owney looks for new adventure